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Round 1

Initial Round: Judges Evaluation

Judging of initial round will be performed by a panel of judges,
who have relevant expertise and experience relating to NFT and Terra ecosystem.
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    Dali KimsocialSenior Product Designer at Terraform Labs

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    Danku_RsocialContent creator focused on crypto
    technology & DeFi. Belief: #WAGMI

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    JackisnotinaboxsocialFounder of ICO Hub |
    Head of Galactic Community

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    JosephsocialContributing to Terra projects.
    Writing about the Terra ecosystem.

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    JowellasocialPassionate about emerging technologies
    and everything Terra

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    MidassocialTerra's Mindbender. The king of persuasion.
    Serial entrepeneur and investor.

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    Terra BitessocialsocialsocialThe Terra podcast on YouTube, website, podcast apps

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    The InternTerraform Labs

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Round 2

Final Round: Community Poll

Judging of the final round will be on community poll.
Every community member can join the voting for the final winners.

How to vote

- Go to OnePlanet Discord channel


- Vote for your most favorite creator in each category.
(Voting will be available on 12/26, 2 days after Round 1 winners announcement.)

Winner Determination : Judging Criteria

  • Creativity

    Creators who can express in his/her
    own way and inspire others
  • Innovation

    Creators who can turn an idea into a
    solution that adds new utility to the
    current NFT
  • Promise

    Creators who have a clear vision and
    roadmap to grow their business and
    community in OnePlanet