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Learn answers to frequently asked questions on the contest.

If you have any other questions, please visit our Discord channel and leave your inquiries.

About Contest

  • A copy of the form will be automatically sent to the mail address you filled in when the submission is made. Using the copy, you will be able to check or revise the contents in the form until the deadline of submission.

Entry a Form

  • An NFT collection which has already been minted and listed in other marketplaces is ineligible. However, it is eligible if you participate with different NFTs that belong to the same project which have already been minted and listed in other marketplaces. We welcome you to move your NFTs to a land with better environments.

  • It's up to you how many collections you submit. Individual collections will be treated individually and reviewed. We welcome creators with many great ideas.

  • It is fine that your NFTs are not completely ready at the moment. But you will need some work samples to submit and if the due diligence conducted by OnePlanet determines that it is impossible to proceed to the launchpad within Feb 2022, the submission will be automatically eliminated from the possible nominations.

Judging Criteria

  • OnePlanet team and all the judges will guarantee confidentiality for the non-winning submissions. And of course all rights to the work belong to the original creator.

Prizes & Rewards

  • Down payment upfront will be given to the finalists right after TGE. And the vesting period for the rest will be 12 months from the TGE. The exact date of TGE is yet to be decided.

  • From 0 to 10%, the royalty can be determined as you want.

  • The prize money will be given after the launchpad is held on OnePlanet. If you don't proceed to the launchpad on OnePlanet or if you are found to any relevant act of issuing the NFT of the project elsewhere, not only the prize money but also the award will be canceled. Additionally, if any factors that violate the "NFT Requirements'" are found, the same action will be taken. There are no other conditions with the prize money, but we want to inform you that ,through this contest, we are looking for partners to be with OnePlanet in the long term.