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The first decentralized
NFT ecosystem on Terra

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OnePlanet is the first decentralized
NFT ecosystem on Terra.

We dream of a place that is not just
a simple trading market,
but a new land to build so many possibilities of NFTs on Terra.

What makes us different from
other NFT marketplaces?
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There will be no single entity that takes the responsibility for the proper operation of the marketplace.

Through the formation of a DAO we intend to decentralize the process of verification and enforce community driven terms of engagement. These terms of engagement will be up for vote by the OnePlanet community. And OnePlanet governance participants will be incentivized depending on their engagement in the community.

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OnePlanet is the place where creators can communicate and engage with their collectors.

Here, all the creators can showcase their NFTs in the form of profiles composed with their collections and items. And every user can follow their favorite creators, influencers(curator/holder), or their real friends. When you follow someone, their updates will appear in your feed page.

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Easy to use

OnePlanet is the most easy-to-use NFT marketplace to improve everyone’s experience.

With no-code minting tools, even non-technical creators can make a collection of 10,000+ NFTs at once.With the best-in-class UI/UX, even those who’ve never experienced in NFT can enjoy their tradings easily.

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